Retrograde Mercury in December 2022: forecast by zodiac signs

Retrograde Mercury in December 2022: forecast by zodiac signs

21.09.2022 0 By admin

Influence on the signs of the zodiac

It is difficult to predict what will happen in the life of any particular person during Mercury retrograde in December 2022. But you can make a brief forecast that will help you navigate your plans for the near future.

Aries . There is an increased risk of getting into an accident, quarreling with friends and relatives, and getting problems in school.

Taurus . It is necessary to resolve issues with salaries and other incomes, accept proposals for a new job. It is better to avoid expensive purchases (especially on credit), as there is a chance that things will not go according to plan.

Twins . Serious internal and external changes will take place. Perhaps your worldview will change, and situations will make you look at familiar things in a new way.

crayfish . Slow down, pay attention to meditations and every moment of life, then a new stage will come in your life.

lions . Problems with friends will escalate, but a person from the past will appear with whom it will be possible to renew relations.

Virgin . You can successfully sell something, but not acquire anything in return. It is better to devote time to personal development.

Scales . Get ready for trips to places connected with the past. Develop your horizons, meet new people, let interesting events into your life.

scorpions . Do not rush to make transactions with documents, as there will be an active transformation of the monetary sphere.

Capricorn . Perhaps a weak relationship with a partner will collapse, but on the contrary, this is good.

Aquarius . Be attentive to health, undergo examinations, follow the recommendations of doctors.

Fish . If you are waiting for the time for a successful divorce, then Mercury retrograde 2022 is it.