Problem child: what to do with children who do not obey

Problem child: what to do with children who do not obey

21.09.2022 0 By admin

How to stop children’s tantrums: one or two!

Most parents believe that turning a “difficult” naughty and hysterical child into an “angel” is akin to a miracle. But in reality, this pedagogical “maneuver” is not at all complicated, but it requires special moral efforts, endurance and will from parents. And it’s worth it! Moreover, the sooner you start practicing this technique, the more calm and obedient your child will grow. So:

The old scheme (this is what most parents usually do) : as soon as your baby burst into tears and screams, stamped his feet and hit his head on the floor – you “flyed up” to him and were ready for anything to calm him down. Including – agreed to fulfill his desire. In a word, you behaved according to the principle “I will do anything so that the child does not cry …”.

New scheme (those who want to “re-educate” a naughty child should do this) : as soon as the baby began to scream and “scandal”, you calmly smile at him and leave the room. But the child must know that you continue to hear him. And while he screams, you do not return to his field of vision. But as soon as (at least for a second!) The child stops yelling and crying, you again return to him with a smile, demonstrating all your parental tenderness and love. Seeing you, the baby will start yelling again – you just as calmly leave the room again. And again you return to him with hugs, a smile and all your parental adoration exactly at the moment when he stops yelling again.