"History of Madness": Royals who became famous for their quirks and deviations

"History of Madness": Royals who became famous for their quirks and deviations

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The construction of palaces turned out to be ruinous for the treasury, and the authorities repeatedly asked the king to abdicate the throne, or at least moderate his appetites. The king was constantly hinted that it was time to acquire heirs, but he did not seek to find a wife and become a father. In 1867, he nevertheless made a marriage proposal to his great-aunt, Duchess Sophia, who was two years younger than him. However, after 10 months, he broke off the engagement.

There were rumors that Ludwig actually sympathized with men, but he never confessed his homosexuality. There are suspicions that he could have had a secret affair with Richard Wagner, and the actor Josef Kainz and the groom Richard Hornig were also recorded as lovers.

In the last years of his life, Ludwig of Bavaria became a recluse, and he was declared mentally ill. The “fairytale king” died under mysterious circumstances: his body was found on the shores of Lake Starnberg. It is still unclear whether this was a murder or Ludwig committed suicide.

Princess Isabella of Parma (1741-1763)

The Spanish Infanta Isabella of Parma was famous for her beauty and angelic character. The girl was fond of playing musical instruments, enthusiastically studied philosophy and theology. But one feature poisoned her life: almost from childhood, she was tormented by depressive states, which worsened after the death of her mother, Marie Louise Elizabeth. Since the death of a loved one, the Infanta was sure that she herself would not live long.