Somatotropic hormone: friend of women and enemy of old age

Somatotropic hormone: friend of women and enemy of old age

19.09.2022 0 By admin

Despite the fact that growth hormone is equated with doping, its popularity in sports circles does not subside. Previously, somatotropin was obtained in only one, not the most worthy way. Since this method was not only ethically unacceptable, but also dangerous to health, many countries banned the use of such growth hormone. At the moment, the production of biosynthetic growth hormone, developed by scientists in laboratories, has already been established. In Russia, such a hormone is called “somatogen”.

Somatotropic hormone: why is it necessary to comply with its norm in the body?

During puberty, with an increased content of somatotropic hormone, a sharp growth of the whole organism occurs (remember – “I swung a whole head over the summer!”). If somatotropin is already overestimated in an adult, then this is expressed primarily in coarsened facial features, an enlarged tongue, and a decrease in muscle strength. Pregnant women can also experience the effects of an overabundance of somatotropin in the body. Facial features, hands, feet increase, but after childbirth, usually, all these signs go away by themselves, as the hormone level returns to normal.

With a lack of somatotropic hormone in adolescence, there is a delay in growth and puberty. Adults who experience a lack of this hormone suffer from fat deposition, and the facial part of the skull may also change.

You should also warn those who want to “catch up with growth” by taking somatotropic hormone inside. First of all, you need to seek the advice of a doctor, if no medical indications force you to take this hormone, then it is better to refrain from using it. Since 40% of athletes taking somatotropin eventually bring their body to diabetes. By itself, diabetes is not a sentence, you can live with it, but why sacrifice your health, pursuing only one goal – to grow and build muscle mass the easy way?