Michael Fagan: the only stalker who entered the bedroom of Elizabeth II

Michael Fagan: the only stalker who entered the bedroom of Elizabeth II

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It turns out that back on July 3, 1982, the unemployed and drunk Fagan was walking around the royal residence at night and suddenly felt an acute desire to get inside. He climbed over the wall, met no guards, then found an open window on the top floor and climbed up the drainpipe inside. He himself was surprised how easy it was to get into such a guarded Buckingham.

In one of the halls, the stalker even met a maid, who immediately called the guards and said that there was a stranger in the chambers. What did the guard do? I decided that the girl had a dream. Surprisingly, when the Briton entered the palace for the second time through the chimney, the alarm went off twice, but even then the security service nodded at the system glitch and did not conduct a thorough inspection of the chambers. It never even crossed their minds to imagine that someone else would take such a risky step.

Meanwhile, Michael walked around the floors, sat on the royal throne, ate crackers in the kitchen and drank a bottle of wine, so beloved by Prince William. There were rumors that he also peed in a corgi bowl, but the queen forbade even thinking about it.

As a result, the head of the royal guard was fired, and the Minister of the Interior William Whitelaw wrote a report, in whose submission was the royal guard (Fagan entered the bedroom at the time of his change in office), but Margaret Thatcher did not accept the resignation of the head of police.

The most daring Fagan was released from the psychiatric hospital three months after the incident. A year later, Michael recorded a cover version of the Sex Pistols song “God Save the Queen” with the punk band The Bollock Brothers.

Upon learning of the death of Her Majesty, Fagan lit a candle in the local church, about which he told reporters.