Carbohydrate-free diet: bread is not everything?

Carbohydrate-free diet: bread is not everything?

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However, it must be remembered that in its amino acid composition, vegetable protein differs from animal protein. Some nutritionists recommend eating cereals in the company of milk, cottage cheese, meat or offal in order to “complete the set” of amino acids.

Want to indulge in a pastry or pancake but have no idea how to make them without the carb-heavy flour? Trick: try replacing it with finely ground nuts or loose bran. Nuts are an excellent source of easily digestible protein and valuable vitamins, and bran, although it contains a certain proportion of carbohydrates, is digested extremely slowly, playing a useful role as a fiber “ballast” that provides a feeling of satiety and stimulates the intestines.

Delicious meal ideas for a low carb diet

There are many ready-made menu options for a carbohydrate-free diet. However, monotony is the scourge of any nutrition plan that involves limiting the intake of any macronutrient. It would seem that without potatoes, pasta, flour it is difficult to make a complete diet, but with a certain amount of imagination and inspiration, you can enrich your table with tasty and healthy dishes suitable for a carbohydrate-free diet.

Carb-Free Diet Menu: Cheeseburger Without Bun

Low-fat minced meat (beef or turkey) form into steaks, grill or bake in the oven, add a slice of cheddar to each serving. For juiciness – serve with tomato salsa or finely chopped fresh salad vegetables with herbs and seasonings.

Low-carb diet menu: mitza or omelette pizza

This dish in appearance and even taste resembles the usual pizza on the dough, with the difference that the flour cake replaces lean minced meat or scrambled eggs.

Mitza is a dish whose name comes from a combination of the English words meat – meat and pizza – pizza. To prepare an appetizing mitza, tightly pack the lean minced meat into a heat-resistant form and lay it on top of the vegetable filling (you can add a little mushrooms, cheese). Bake in the oven at 160 C for 30-40 minutes (depending on the thickness of the “cake”).

Omelet pizza can be cooked over an open fire in a lightly greased frying pan with a lid: beat the eggs with kefir and spices, pour the mixture into a heated frying pan, add tomatoes, slices of boiled meat, greens, cheese. Such a dish is also prepared for the company, cut into triangles like a traditional pizza.

Carb Free Diet Menu: Spinach with Egg in Coconut Oil

Saute fresh frozen or fresh spinach in a little extra virgin coconut oil, beaten eggs and optionally some pancetta or lean brisket.

Carb-free diet: how to choose foods

Having decided on a carbohydrate-free diet, in order to achieve a weight loss effect, it makes sense not only to delete bread and sweets from your life, but also to take into account the intake of fats. Food rich in proteins – meat, dairy products – as a rule, also contains tangible portions of lipids of various quality and origin.

Nutritionists treat this feature of the diet of a carbohydrate-free diet in two ways: on the one hand, fat is necessary for the body to function normally, on the other hand, the processing of proteins in itself becomes a serious burden for the body, and if we add uncontrolled “deliveries” of fat to this task, the matter turns around unimportantly for the vessels and the cardiovascular system.

Variations of the low-carb, high-fat diet are known, and these meal plans are especially popular in the US, where there is a fast food culture. Paradoxically, a complete ban on carbohydrates, combined with unlimited fat intake, allows you to not get better, but rather quickly causes digestive upsets and provokes heart disorders. The most striking example of such a high-fat diet is the ketogenic diet that is popular these days.

When choosing meat products for a carbohydrate-free diet, pay your consumer attention primarily to farm raw materials harvested from conscientiously fattened and grown in decent conditions of livestock. You should avoid oversaturated parts of carcasses with fat, choosing lean cuts.