Autumn blues: how to deal with seasonal melancholy

Autumn blues: how to deal with seasonal melancholy

19.09.2022 0 By admin

Why is the autumn blues coming?

Naturally, for many, autumn is associated only with chilly weather and constant rain – there is a reason to be sad. The autumn blues, which is also often called seasonal depression, is explained precisely by the external manifestations of this time of year, is quite logical.

Firstly, literally with the onset of September, the weather begins to change dramatically and you can already catch the smell of autumn in the air. It gets cold not only on the street, but also in houses, which cannot please in any way.

Secondly, daylight hours begin to rapidly decrease, and we spend most of the time at dusk. If we do not see the sun for a long time, this entails hormonal changes and a lack of vitamins.

Thirdly, those who once complained about the hot summer days begin to miss them, and because of this, the autumn depression is doubly intensified.

But you can’t constantly succumb to the influence of external factors, you need to accumulate strength so that these three months do not fall out of your life like unnecessary time. Give battle to the autumn blues and use this time for the benefit of yourself and your body.