The blonde with the help of a photo of the deceased grandmother “divorced” men for 2.3 million rubles

The blonde with the help of a photo of the deceased grandmother “divorced” men for 2.3 million rubles

15.09.2022 0 By admin

Life sometimes plays out scenarios that are just right to show in the movies. And they show, and those who cannot think of them themselves, watch and learn.

This is the opinion that the Norilsk operatives hold about the blonde Elena, who was caught in a major fraud.

The girl deceived 67 men across the country and lived happily on transfers from compassionate gentlemen, until one day she came to the attention of law enforcement officers.

It all started with the fact that Elena Egorova, after graduating from school, got a job as a secretary in a small company and lived quietly until she realized that you couldn’t really roam on a modest income. It was then that the blonde decided to try her virtual happiness.

She created several pages on social networks and began to get acquainted with men. After talking for a couple of weeks and making sure that the relationship became more trusting, she shared her grief with her gentleman – her beloved grandmother had died. And as proof of the photo: here is a grief-stricken blonde with tear-stained eyes, and in the background an old woman lies on the bed, covered with a sheet.

“Grandma died, my beloved grandmother, she was everything to me! Why should I bury her? Don’t know!”

Elena performed this performance for the first time in 2019, and it was a resounding success. Men, as if mesmerized by grief, sent her money for the funeral.

Then she asked to study, to pay for the hostel, the most patient buried her grandfather, and those who passed this barrier also sent money for a ticket.

When the whole story was revealed, the operatives were surprised, what could the blonde say to her victims so that they would send her money as if spellbound?

Law enforcement officers shrug and agree that the girl is quite ordinary in appearance. And besides, it is clearly not Ostap Bender. She probably spied the scheme somewhere: on forums or in the movies.