Flu treatment at home: what is needed for a quick recovery?

Flu treatment at home: what is needed for a quick recovery?

15.09.2022 0 By admin

Rule 3: Temperature

Often, at the first sign of fever, people try to bring it down. You should not do this if the thermometer has not crossed the mark of 38.5 degrees. A fever is not just a symptom of a cold or flu, but a sign that your body is actively fighting for your health.

Another common mistake of those who treat flu at home: as soon as the temperature starts to rise, some run outside to the store or pharmacy, others, guided by obscure reasons, climb into a hot bath. You can’t do one or the other! Do not leave the house with the slightest signs of fever – this will only aggravate the disease: you left with the 37th, on your return you will find all 39 on the thermometer. A weakened body is extremely sensitive to changes in the thermal background, and moving from a warm house to cold air and back, you put yourself at risk. A hot bath is even more dangerous! Staying in it, firstly, will give a huge load on the heart and blood vessels, and secondly, it will raise the already high temperature. Add a couple more degrees to your 38, and you will immediately understand why you should refrain from hot bathing.

These three rules may seem insignificant or banal to some. And often they are ignored by those who decide to treat the flu at home. But home conditions of isolation and rest are not yet a guarantee of recovery from the flu. But following these elementary tips, sincere concern for your own health, is a very effective way to a quick recovery without the use of drugs as part of home treatment for the flu. And see a doctor!