Brotherly war: what is really happening in the relationship between Princes Harry and William, experts comment

Brotherly war: what is really happening in the relationship between Princes Harry and William, experts comment

15.09.2022 0 By admin

“William is always a little ahead of Harry. Undisputed leadership. Yes, this photo gives the impression that the brothers are separated from each other. For example, Harry is concentrated, his lower lip is pursed. William does not smile, it seems that he is frowning (tense eyelids indicate this). But even from such a picture one cannot judge the conflict and deep disagreements between the brothers.”

To complete the picture, we turned to the esoteric numerologist Yuliana Milyaeva , who drew conclusions about the characters of Prince Harry and William, as well as their relationship by date of birth:

“Prince William was born at 21:00 on June 21, 1982. The sun at that moment was in the constellation Cancer. This means that the Duke of Cambridge is a person who lives with emotions, sensual and vulnerable. His motives are often hidden from the eyes of strangers – even the closest people will not immediately understand what is in his soul. Despite his high status, the prince passes a lot through himself. Family and traditions are sacred for him, William does not understand and does not accept any “assault” on the foundations.

Mars in Libra gave the prince the ability to work in a team and painlessly share responsibility and power with an equal in position. Between the common good and the interests of individuals, William will choose the first: perhaps because of a sense of responsibility to the country, perhaps because of innate qualities. The grandson of Elizabeth II will act ”as it should”, and not ”humanly”. Still, he is a prince and heir to the throne, he perfectly understands all the restrictions imposed by his position.

The IV house in Taurus suggests that the prince is very attached to his family members and reacts extremely painfully to any internal conflicts. He will try to bring everything to a peaceful agreement, but the V house in Taurus will eventually force him to take the side of his beloved woman. This, most likely, will break William’s heart, but he cannot do otherwise. So a lot of the life of the heir depends on the wisdom and prudence of the Duchess of Cambridge.