All ways to get rid of bruises, swelling and wrinkles under the eyes

All ways to get rid of bruises, swelling and wrinkles under the eyes

15.09.2022 0 By admin

To understand how to deal with bags, it’s worth a little understanding of exactly how they arise. Between the skin around the eyes and subcutaneous tissue there is a membrane consisting of connective tissue. This tissue over time and under the influence of adverse factors can become so thin that fatty tissue begins to penetrate through it, located right under the skin and forming hated bags. The resulting adipose tissue may grow or swell, making the bags very visible. In some people, the upper eyelids also become swollen. The causes and “trigger” are the same as in the case of the lower eyelid.

Swelling and bags are a much more difficult problem than bruising under the eyes. If only because before you try to end them in the beautician’s office or buy creams, it is important to go to the doctor and find out if there are any health problems. Having passed this important stage, you can begin to think about how to get rid of the disadvantage.

Where to put the bags?

After we found out that the bags under the eyes and the swelling that accompanies them are, in fact, small hernias, it would be logical to decide that only a plastic surgeon’s scalpel can help part with them. But it’s not.

“If the bags under the eyes are insignificant, the cosmetologist will cope with them with the help of mesothreads or fillers. The specialist will take into account your age, general condition of the tissues, lifestyle and the presence of concomitant acute and chronic diseases. If the bags are pronounced, and the cosmetologist has doubts that invasive techniques can be handled, a competent doctor will first send the patient to a plastic surgeon for a consultation, ”Vitaly Osminkin reassures those who are desperate and immediately thinking about blepharoplasty.

Since edema and bags are the result of health problems and an unhealthy lifestyle, their development can at least be stopped by seriously addressing the cause, not the effect. Those who do not dare to meet with a needle and a scalpel will be helped by cosmetics that contain substances that improve the outflow of fluid through the lymphatic tract, for example, extracts of parsley, horsetail, sage, caffeine. Collagen, elastin and vitamin K will improve skin turgor, make it more dense, which will prevent further protrusion of adipose tissue. In the warm season, you need to take care of protecting the skin around the eyes from the sun, which thins the epidermis.

Alas, many people are familiar with all the listed problems around the “mirror of the soul” firsthand. Maybe among our readers there are those who themselves can share effective advice? We are very interested!