“I helped them see paradise faster”: a serial killer killed 400 patients in 16 years. A series was made about him.

“I helped them see paradise faster”: a serial killer killed 400 patients in 16 years. A series was made about him.

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Then there was work in cardiac surgery at the Hunterdon Medical Center, then the Liberty Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Allentown, then the Easton Hospital in Pennsylvania – in each “angel of death” he injected patients with loading doses of pacemaker drugs that led to instant death. Many of the elderly who died were not sent for autopsy, putting the cause of death as a consequence of the diagnosis with which they were admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, Cullen’s blacklist was already on dozens of patients.

You ask how, with such a dubious biography and psychiatric problems, Charles was hired again? They took it with great pleasure.

Due to the lack of medical staff and the lack of a single database of medical workers, it was difficult to track Cullen’s dubious reputation, especially since he changed staff every time, and did not get a job in a hospital next door. Plus, clinics that provided many paid services were terribly afraid of a scandal.

It was easier for them to fire a strange nurse suspected of stealing drugs (and he actually stole them in large volumes) than to survive the hype that would begin if the truth that came out turned out to be so terrible. And only the leadership of the Somerset Medical Center in Somerville turned out to be not cowardly.

The hospital’s computer system increasingly began to show that Cullen was accessing patient records to which he was not attached. Plus, a quiet nurse began to be noticed in the wards of other people’s patients. Charles often requested medicines that were not prescribed for his patients. This is not counting the suspicious behavior with requests for drugs: he made a lot of orders, then canceled them and asked again.

In July 2003, the director of the New Jersey Investigation Information and Education System told Somerset doctors that four suspicious overdose deaths indicated someone inside the clinic was killing. But the hospital delayed filing a complaint with authorities until October. By that time, Cullen had killed at least five more patients and tried to send another one to the other world. On this attempt, he burned out. The head of the hospital wrote a statement to the police. Surveillance was established for Cullen, the microphone was hung on his colleague Lynn Tester, who, in conversations, forced the nurse to make some kind of confession.

The medical maniac was arrested in December 2003. He immediately confessed that he killed Florian Gallus and tried to kill Jin Ken Khan, they were patients in Somerset. In addition, Cullen told detectives that during his 16-year career, he took the lives of about 40 patients. But experts are sure that there were dozens of times more deaths. Just years later, proving their deaths from overdoses would be very difficult.

As part of his plea agreement, Cullen promised to cooperate with the investigation if they did not seek the electric chair for him. And so it happened. True, at the trial, the quiet nurse behaved disgustingly, for example, shouting to the judge: “Your honor, you need to resign!” He brought all the participants in the process to a white heat, as a result, the defendant was tied up and gagged in his mouth. The word was given to Cullen only after the verdict was passed, by the way, the sentence was severe: eleven life sentences without the right to parole.