“Empty on Earth alone”: how the popularly beloved Tatyana Doronina married five times, but sacrificed motherhood for her career

“Empty on Earth alone”: how the popularly beloved Tatyana Doronina married five times, but sacrificed motherhood for her career

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Tatyana Doronina’s talent and beauty are spoken about as often as her difficult character. Self-confident, proud, adamant … Someone considers this a consequence of star disease. Like, too capricious, she dictated her terms since her student days. Rumor has it that once, in a fit of anger, the actress whipped her dresser with a dress.

We tend to believe that Doronina was and remains a 100% maximalist and perfectionist. This can be judged both by her powerful stage play and by her quiet, but at the same time, uncontroversial voice, and by the fact that for more than thirty years she has been the head of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater.

The stage in the building on Tverskoy Boulevard became the main thing in the life of the artist, replacing her with the very family that she aspired to create – so that once and for all – but could not, although she repeatedly tried. There were already five of those husbands in the life of one of the most beautiful Soviet actresses.

First husband – actor Oleg Basilashvili

While studying at the Moscow Art Theater School, young Tatyana Doronina was courted by all the boys, but the most prominent and intellectually gifted Oleg Basilashvili was able to win his heart. He proposed to her when they were finishing their last year. The wedding, which took place in 1955, was modest, without a special wedding dress and even wedding rings. Immediately after the newlyweds went to live in St. Petersburg.

In their pair, she was always the main one. Invited to the roles, she certainly received them for her husband, who turned out to be completely impenetrable in everything related to work. Imagine her shock when she found out that the modest and quiet Oleg was cheating on her! Then Doronina found out that she was pregnant. Not for a moment thinking (what kind of children, when should you build a career?) And full of anger and resentment against her husband, she went for an abortion. “I committed the first terrible sin that is not forgiven,” Tatyana Vasilyevna later repented in her autobiography, “The Diary of an Actress.”

Their marriage was doomed. “When we parted, I suddenly realized that I had freed myself from this oppression … I am very grateful to Tatyana Vasilievna that she was the initiator of the divorce,” Oleg Valerianovich summed up eight years of marriage with Doronina with these words, honestly and without embellishment.

The second husband is professor and theater critic Anatoly Yufit

The beautiful and stately Doronina never suffered from a lack of male attention. After parting with Basilashvili, she soon became interested in Anatoly Yufit. The professor and theater critic was the soul of the company. Not handsome, but women were thrilled by him. So Tatyana could not resist, especially since he sought her recognition as a true gentleman.

Their relationship was not formalized and lasted only three years. It all ended by an absurd accident: Yufit could not meet Doronina from the tour, and the queen (that’s what they called her behind her eyes) became very angry. At this time, the young playwright Edward Radzinsky had just arrived in the northern capital, with whom our heroine drove off to Moscow, leaving her common-law husband and beloved BDT theater, in which she was the main star at that time. Soon they married Radzinsky.

Third husband – playwright Edvard Radzinsky

Family life with Radzinsky lasted 1,800 days, but friendship, according to Tatyana Vasilievna, remained for life.

Moving to the capital opened a new chapter in Doronina’s creative biography – she began acting in films and got a job at the Moscow Art Theater. M. Gorky.

There were no children in the union of Doronina and Radzinsky, but the couple left behind a legacy of a different kind – plays that the director wrote for his muse (even after a divorce).

Fourth husband – actor Boris Khimichev

The main kinder of fire in the life of Tatyana Doronina and, in her humble confession, her best lover was Boris Khimichev, whom the actress met while working on one of the performances. They were called the most temperamental couple in the theatrical world: behind the scenes they often share juicy details about how the young couple broke the bed on their wedding night in one of the Riga hotels.

Yes, and Doronina herself admitted that Khimichev had no equal: he reverently equipped their house, cooked well and at first tried to do everything to make her life as happy as possible. In this marriage, he turned out to be a follower and hardly put up with the fact that his wife pushes him to secondary roles. Not only in their family life, but also in his career: Khimichev was an excellent artist, but many then perceived him only as the husband of a superstar.

Fifth husband – businessman Robert Tokhnenko

On the eve of her 50th birthday, Tatyana Doronina met a man who had nothing to do with the world of theater or cinema. The oilman Robert Tokhnenko was a neighbor of the star in the country. In one of the interviews, he admitted that when he saw the actress in the garden “in a simple chintz dress, tightly fitting her figure, he instantly desired her.”

For the sake of the comfortable life of the star wife, the man left a successful career and carried out any of her instructions. But she did not notice his sacrifice, and gradually their relationship began to decline.

Rejection of motherhood in the name of the profession

30 years in a relationship, five husbands and not a single lover – Tatyana Doronina has always been proud that she did not cheat on her men. She could have married for the sixth, and seventh, and perhaps even the eighth time, but in her sixties she decided that everything was enough: it was time to devote her life only to herself and her beloved work.

She only had a theater and a stage left – it was they who replaced the unborn children for the people’s artist. Then, having had an abortion, she learned that she was to have twins – a boy and a girl. I wonder how the life of a star would have turned out if she had not decided then to take this desperate step? But it turned out the way it did. The actress chose self-sacrifice in the name, as she herself says, of the high state of her soul. Tatyana Doronina subordinated herself to the profession, to the service of Melpomene, which gives a lot, but also takes away a lot.