7 fatal mistakes at the beginning of a life together

7 fatal mistakes at the beginning of a life together

13.09.2022 0 By admin

Mark Manson, author of the super-bestselling books The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck and Everything Sucks, has written a practical guide for men on how to get and keep women’s attention. From thousands of other manuals on the same topic, it differs like the love of a queen from the offer of sex for money on the forecourt.

Manson is honest with himself and the reader. It is possible to achieve even the most inaccessible woman. You just need to stop lying to yourself and others, learn to communicate, get rid of the image of a cool alpha male (if you plan to start a relationship, and not limit yourself to the next phone number) and work on yourself corny.

Women like sincerity, selflessness, independence and vulnerability. Yes, vulnerability. Not as a technique, but as a way of thinking and living.

It is important to realize your worth and understand your desires. You will be rejected – and that’s okay. You don’t have to be afraid to win. Rejection is the beginning. Failure today can be turned into tomorrow’s triumph.

“The key to attraction is emotional independence. And independence is based on the willingness to be vulnerable. Vulnerability, in turn, is, by and large, honesty both with oneself and with others.