“They won’t marry a child”: a psychologist told how to get rid of an attitude that interferes with happiness

“They won’t marry a child”: a psychologist told how to get rid of an attitude that interferes with happiness

05.09.2022 0 By admin

Next, you need to track your relationship with the child , namely, stop regretting that he was left without a father. Otherwise, you can inspire the child with the feeling that something is wrong with him, since he does not have a dad. It is important to voice that everything that happens (for example, divorce and division of property) is the affairs of adults, and he has nothing to do with it.

And finally, give yourself the right to love and happiness. Do not renounce a full life and do not fall into the installation that no one will ever truly love someone else’s (that is, your) child. Instead, sincerely believe in the idea that you and your child deserve a harmonious relationship, a new family, and a happy life.

We gain self-reliance

The world is a reflection of ourselves. Therefore, it is important to experience love in order to notice it around and receive it from the outside. However, love is not the same as selfishness. Self-love is complete acceptance of yourself and gratitude to yourself for everything, even for mistakes. The secret is simple: if a woman values herself, then in the eyes of a man she looks just as valuable and important.

Do you truly love yourself? This is easy to check. Just give yourself honest answers to the following questions:

1. Without thinking, list 5 of your best character traits.

2. Can you accept compliments?

3. Are you suddenly afraid in the eyes of others to be not smart enough, not beautiful enough, not “ideal” enough?

4. Do you immediately agree to do what you do not want, do not like?

5. What words do you use to address yourself if a difficult task or difficulty has arisen?

6. Do you have self-irony?

If the answers are given immediately, without reflection, then it usually becomes obvious what kind of self-esteem you have at the moment. And if you didn’t like the answers, we offer several practices to improve it.