Taking Lives: The Story of Female Serial Killer Judy Buenoano

Taking Lives: The Story of Female Serial Killer Judy Buenoano

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While John was slowly fading away from arsenic, his beloved wife changed the terms of the insurance payment, increasing the amount to half a million dollars.

All this time, friends of Judias Buenoano continued to sympathize with the woman and even speculated that she herself attracted sick men into her life because of her kind heart. No one could even think of the black heart that beat in the widow’s chest.

Surprisingly, John got better, and in 1983, Judias told her “undying husband” that she was pregnant and sent him to the supermarket.

The inspired man drove the car to the store for sweets and champagne to celebrate the long-awaited replenishment, but he could not get to the place. His car exploded on the track, and, miraculously, John survived again.

Burnt and crippled, lying in a hospital bed, he first began to understand that the matter was unclean.

All three months of treatment, John talked with the police and stopped letting his wife in. In the summer of 1983, Judy first got into crime reports.

Curious data about insurance fraud appeared, but Judy’s biographical data showed that the woman lied about absolutely everything. Fake were not only diplomas and documents, but also a pregnancy test.

Gentry wept when he learned that his wife had undergone a surgical sterilization process back in 1975. The police also found tickets for the most expensive cruise ship for Judias and her children. John’s ticket was not there…