Morning runs: seven troubles – one answer

Morning runs: seven troubles – one answer

05.09.2022 0 By admin

It is extremely important for morning runs (and not only) the correct breathing technique. Inhale air through the nose and exhale through the mouth. With this breathing, the lungs are evenly saturated with oxygen. You need to try to take a full breath and exhale, breathe evenly, not too often. When it’s already “unbearable” to breathe, then it’s time to finish the run – unnecessary torture is useless.

It is necessary to complete the morning run gradually. From running, move to a step, aligning your breathing. In no case should you stop abruptly or, moreover, fall on the grass. For a hitch, you can perform a few simple, relaxing exercises.

Morning run in winter

No, morning runs in winter are not harmful, on the contrary: even short-term runs in winter have an important advantage. In addition to improving fitness, running in winter helps to harden the respiratory organs and the whole organism as a whole, increases resistance to various chronic viral infections.

If you just stand in the frosty air for an hour, then the lungs have time to let through about 500 liters of air, and if you do jogging, then the volume of air that has passed through the lungs can reach 6000 liters! Moreover, winter air is especially rich in the content of negatively charged particles – air ions, which have an exciting effect on the central nervous system, which brings a charge of vivacity and increased energy to the body.

Before you start jogging, be sure to consult your doctor. Such contraindications are given in acute diseases of the upper respiratory tract or, for example, in diseases of the cardiovascular system.