Aries will be mired in disputes, Gemini will not be able to calculate the forces: a horoscope for the week from September 5 to September 11

Aries will be mired in disputes, Gemini will not be able to calculate the forces: a horoscope for the week from September 5 to September 11

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You will often get into arguments in the coming week. It is worth keeping your emotions under control in order to avoid conflicts. A fruitful week awaits you, you will be full of strength and energy to achieve all your goals. By the weekend, it is recommended to reduce activity and fully relax.


Do not take on the most difficult cases at the beginning of the week. It is better to devote Monday and Tuesday to planning, less significant work, since during this period there is a risk of making mistakes due to excessive haste and impulsiveness. Everything will be back to normal by the middle of the week. The environment will become the most productive and favorable for solving important tasks. The rest of the days will pass moderately, without bright victories and failures. On the weekends, it is worth spending time actively and having fun from the heart.


This week will be a mixed one for you. You will be energetic, productive and ambitious. But there is a big risk of not calculating your strength, taking on too much and not having time to finish all the planned things. Have a clear to-do list and don’t squander your efforts on minor tasks. Monday and Saturday will be the most favorable days for you.


At the beginning of the week, control your finances and emotions more carefully. There is a big risk of talking and spending too much. Wednesday will open a series of favorable days. Until the end of the week you will be positive and full of energy, and at the weekend you will find many pleasant surprises.

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This week you will be overcome by a thirst for new achievements and a desire for vigorous activity. You will get so carried away with doing the work that you will forget about sleep and rest. However, fatigue and overwork should not be ignored, otherwise it will negatively affect your health. Find time to relax, sleep and walk.


In the first half of the week you will be lucky in public speaking, reports and presentations. Your charm and persuasive speech will help you succeed in business. On Wednesday, it is recommended to devote time to appearance and health – visit a massage parlor or a beauty salon. The second half of the week will bring new, pleasant acquaintances and communication with interesting people.


If you have important negotiations planned for the near future, it is better to hold them in the first half of the week. They will be productive and favorable. In the sphere of personal relationships, you will also notice positive trends, communication with loved ones will become warmer and more trusting. Beware of temptations and approach matters with responsibility in order to avoid embarrassment.


Your week will pass calmly, without stress and emotional upheaval. Try to distribute the main cases for the period from Monday to Thursday. By Friday, your enthusiasm will subside, and the energy will be left only for the most important tasks. Spend the weekend in a relaxed atmosphere, gaining strength.


This week will be difficult for you. You will find a series of obstacles, insurmountable circumstances that prevent you from moving towards your main goal. But by Thursday, you will be able to overcome all difficulties and reach the finish line in achieving the goal. At this stage, nothing will stop you, things will be successfully completed.


The most productive and favorable days for work will be for you – Monday and Tuesday. Schedule the most important tasks for this time. The rest of the week will pass quietly, there will be an opportunity to take a breath and work without unnecessary stress.


This week you will feel an irresistible craving for creativity and innovation in your life. You will want to experiment with the usual, everyday tasks – cook a new dish or make an unexpected purchase. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous and make mistakes, just trust your intuition. Tuesday is the best day of the week for you.


Your energy activity and performance will increase every day during this week. On Monday, you will have a hard time getting to work, but by Friday you will be ready to move mountains. Try to evenly distribute your energy to avoid overwork.