The doctor explained how to determine covid without fever

The doctor explained how to determine covid without fever

03.09.2022 0 By admin

How to identify the coronavirus in the sixth wave on your own

Now coughing and loss of smell is not an indicator that you have covid. There are many recorded cases that prove that it is possible to transfer the virus without these symptoms.

The sixth wave passes under the “flag” of the evolved omicron strains BA4 and BA5. – it is this mutation that is expected to massively affect the population.

Experts warn that the first symptoms of the disease, which many of us may experience this fall, will be different from what we know about the coronavirus infection. About this portal V1 told general practitioner Alexei Zhito .

Now the unpleasant ache in the muscles and pain in the lower back should alert.

“Headache and pain in the eyes are especially characteristic. Sometimes patients go to the doctor only with these symptoms. They complain that in the light they can hardly open their eyes. It is difficult and painful for them to move them. At the same time, as such, there is no cough, loss of smell, runny nose, nasal congestion on the first day, ”Gito shares.