“Million Disappeared People”: how the dangerous “hikikomori” trend is gaining momentum in Japan

“Million Disappeared People”: how the dangerous “hikikomori” trend is gaining momentum in Japan

03.09.2022 0 By admin

On Vkontakte, there is a public page dedicated to the hikikomori phenomenon, which is quite popular among young people. There, people who consider themselves hickeys talk about their problems, find like-minded people, share recommendations about anime and video games. However, most of them are still forced to lead an active lifestyle: they go to school or work. But the stories of subscribers of this group can tell a lot about the reasons why people dream of isolating themselves from society.

withdraw into yourself

Psychologists have been trying for years to understand what leads teenagers to a locked room and the decision to stop interacting with society. One of the main causes is personality disorders. Self-isolation is typical for people suffering from depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, Asperger’s syndrome or classic autism. Studies show that almost 60% of hikikomori had serious mental problems that require medical attention.

Also, psychologists do not deny that hikikomori often become people suffering from social phobia or an anxiety disorder in which a person constantly feels inferior and overreacts to the negative assessments of people around him, which leads to a desire to reject society. In rare cases, hickeys are diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder, when a person, avoiding relationships, withdraws into himself and goes into fantasies.

An important factor in the popularity of the phenomenon in Japan and some other countries has become a developed economy. In the Land of the Rising Sun, for example, families of the middle and upper classes can support their offspring indefinitely. Thus, adolescents have the opportunity not to work and not to study.