"I'm crying and crying." Why we don't want to tie our fate to men who share the costs equally

"I'm crying and crying." Why we don't want to tie our fate to men who share the costs equally

03.09.2022 0 By admin

According to Mila Levchuk, the best version of partnerships is when everyone is in their place. A man is realized as a breadwinner and protector of the family, but at the same time he pays attention to his wife and children. The woman, in turn, supports her husband, creates a comfortable atmosphere at home and works for pleasure, and not for the sake of increasing capital.

If not in half, then how?

In general, psychologists distinguish several models of financial behavior. Many women do not hide the fact that they would like their partner to fully pay all bills. However, psychotherapist Vitaly Kekuh calls such relationships unhealthy. This is because over time, such a union will cease to bring pleasure, and the woman will feel the need for self-realization. It will be too late: by that time, the man will begin to completely control the chosen one and make decisions for her. “He will wait for total submission. He is only interested in his own desires, ”concluded Kekuh.

Another option is when a woman is the breadwinner in the family. Many representatives of the weaker sex deliberately hide their income so as not to offend their men.

“There are a lot of couples with such problems. If a husband finds out about his wife’s earnings, he begins to find fault with her. All because she entered his territory – the territory of money, ”says the psychotherapist. Most men find it hard to put up with the fact that his woman is superior in some way. It is because of family competition that serious conflicts often arise. You can solve them, the main thing is not to let your loved ones in with their advice.