Complexes, fetishes, search for peace: why men are turned on by fat women

Complexes, fetishes, search for peace: why men are turned on by fat women

03.09.2022 0 By admin

Even for those who are not enlightened by psychologists, it is clear that a certain appearance cannot provide comfort in a relationship, and the notorious β€œ90-60-90” does not guarantee an orgasm.

Many well-known plus-size girls, in their own words, get up in bed in such a way that thin women definitely never dreamed of. For example, Tess Holliday, the largest model in the fashion industry weighing one hundred and fifty-five kilograms, is sure that men find her incredibly sexy. A little quote from Tess: β€œFat people have sex. Often and a lot. And they do it damn well!”

Holliday also frankly told reporters that good sex, in her opinion, is dirty sex.

Buxom fashion model Ashley Graham echoes her colleague: she has repeatedly praised her amazing intimate life with her husband in interviews. He, in order not to forget his wealth, placed a candid photo of his beloved on the screen saver of his mobile phone. Let everyone see his 91 kilograms of happiness!

Normal or not?

Of course, it cannot be denied that for many, the measure of attractiveness is still the number on the scale. The more surprising for the majority is the fact that the slender girls of some men, in principle, do not excite. Such gentlemen purposefully choose partners not just large, but those whose weight exceeds 100 kg.

Sexologist, expert of the network for training women in sexual techniques “Training Center SEX.RF” Natalya Romanovskaya is sure that in this case we are not talking about weight omnivorousness. When a man desires only overweight women, you can talk about a fetish. What does this even mean and where does it come from?