Benefits of ginger: warm the body and soul

Benefits of ginger: warm the body and soul

03.09.2022 0 By admin

Ginger tea – when and what to drink?

How to drink ginger to lose weight? Better before meals. In this case, it will reduce appetite and help digest lunch or dinner better and more efficiently, prevent the formation of fat cells in the body and dissolve existing ones. You should not drink ginger tea at night, because it is quite invigorating. You should also not get carried away with a large amount of lemon – one slice will be quite appropriate.

Well, the best ginger tea is the one we make ourselves. Here are two delicious tea recipes.

Classic ginger tea.

You will need:

  • water – 2 l;

  • ginger (finely grated) – 3 tablespoons;

  • sugar – 6 tbsp. (or 5 tablespoons of honey);

  • lemon or orange juice – 4 tablespoons;

  • black pepper (ground) – a pinch.

Boil water, add ginger. Then add sugar or honey and dissolve with a spoon. Strain the finished tea thoroughly, add pepper and lemon juice. Serve the drink hot. Do not forget that if not fresh, but dry ground ginger is used in the preparation of the drink, then its amount should be halved and boiled over low heat for about 20 minutes

Ginger tea with lemon.

You will need:

Peel the ginger, cut into long thin slices. Wash the lemon, cut into 2 parts across. Cut the first half into circles, and squeeze the juice from the second. Place ginger slices in a saucepan, pour over lemon juice, pour hot water over it, stir and let it brew for at least 20 minutes. Then add honey, lemon slices, mix gently and pour into cups.