Top 5 diseases of September: what to fear and how to protect yourself

Top 5 diseases of September: what to fear and how to protect yourself

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Acute rheumatic fever – if the sore throat has not been treated

Previously, the disease was called rheumatism, but today doctors interpret it as a broader concept. In the classical course of the disease, the first signs appear 3-4 weeks after the sore throat, when, it would seem, everything has already passed and the patient feels completely healthy. Against this background, there is a sharp rise in temperature, pain in the joints and swelling is formed. Knees, ankles, elbows and shoulders suffer. They swell, hurt and redden. But this is not the most dangerous, the bad thing is that in addition to the joints, rheumatism “hit” the kidneys and heart valves. Without proper treatment, glomerulonephritis and heart defects are possible.

If you get your feet wet…

This disease often occurs in young women, especially against the background of hypothermia and stress. It’s about cystitis. Usually, opportunistic microflora is restrained by the immune system, but in autumn, when additional stress factors affect the body, temporary problems of immune defense are possible. Then the bacteria go on the attack. As a result – frequent urge to urinate, soreness, burning sensation when emptying the bladder.

The drugs that the doctor will select, in combination with the rejection of irritating food, sufficient fluid intake and thermal procedures, can help.

Kidney inflammation

If the cystitis is not treated or the person has had a severe cold, the infection can spread up the urinary tract to the renal pelvis. In this case, pyelonephritis is formed – inflammation of the pyelocaliceal system of the kidneys. The condition with this disease is severe – there is a high temperature, severe chills, malaise, pain in the lumbar region and deep in the abdomen, nausea. The infection must be treated immediately to avoid serious complications. It is necessary to take all drugs and adjust the diet only under the strict supervision of a urologist.