The show is over: Channel One closes "Let's get married!"

The show is over: Channel One closes "Let's get married!"

01.09.2022 0 By admin

The project team has not yet received official notifications that cooperation with them has been completed, so there is still hope for the return of the project.

Moreover, the programs “Actually” and “Let them talk”, “Did you see the video?”, “Tonight”, “Field of Miracles” returned to the air of Channel One, but the number of outputs per week was cut for all of them.

The film crew hopes that perhaps the “marriages” as they call each other “Let’s get married” will also come out at least on weekends.

By the way, on YouTube, he blocked the accounts of the First Channel television shows Fashion Sentence and Let’s Get Married on June 20, 2022. They did it with the wording “for violating the terms of use of YouTube.”

Then the press secretary of YouTube Farshad Shadlu announced the beginning of the blocking of Russian media channels, which, in his opinion, receive financial support from the state.