"In bed with the enemy": how to stop being ashamed of your body during sex

"In bed with the enemy": how to stop being ashamed of your body during sex

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According to Julia, any thoughts about the imperfection of one’s own body are more than natural, unless, of course, they become destructive. So, there is a huge difference between “my stomach does not look the way I would like, so I will try to get in shape” and “my stomach is ugly, which means I am not worthy of love, compliments and pleasure.” Striving for perfection is a good idea, but it can also interfere with relaxation during sex. Constantly thinking about how your breasts look makes you tight and distracts from the main thing. Instead of relaxing, the woman is frantically looking for a position in which the bust will look advantageous. “Such a woman is not engaged in love, but introspection. She thinks about how she looks, how her partner sees her, how he perceives her. This is how unstable self-esteem manifests itself through sex. By the way, for the same reasons, men have problems with erection, ”says psychotherapist Aina Gromova.

Readers of Woman.ru have repeatedly asked questions on the forum about how to stop being embarrassed by your body during sex.

“I am a beautiful girl, 170 cm tall, slim, but I have stretch marks on my hips and buttocks. I am embarrassed by the light when my husband and I make love, because he sees all my defects, scars on my legs, stretch marks, even ingrown hairs. I feel non-sexual, scary and very complex, ”one girl shared her emotions not so long ago. Unfortunately, many women are not preoccupied with their desires, but with problem areas and seem to be absent during intimacy with a partner. According to psychologists, the situation is similar to that if there was an outsider in the room, only instead of him – your cellulite, imperfect stomach, small breasts (underline as necessary).

Comes from childhood

According to Maria Permyakova, psychologist, certified trainer of the Academy of Private Life Larisa Renard , a sense of shame about one’s body is formed before the age of five. Until that time, the girl considers him perfect, fully accepts him, feels curiosity and the need to get to know him.