Hiding in a car from people: how a taxi driver, weighing 150 kg, managed to pull herself together and lose weight

Hiding in a car from people: how a taxi driver, weighing 150 kg, managed to pull herself together and lose weight

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chance meeting

Once, a woman got into the car to Mary, who radiated happiness with her whole appearance. The trip lasted only five minutes, but they were enough for the taxi driver to believe in a chance for a new life in a slender body and gain hope. The passenger told her that in the past she also had problems with excess weight, but she underwent an operation – gastric bypass, in 3 months she already lost 20 kg of excess weight, and this is only the beginning of her weight loss story.

“I thought that such operations are done by stars, people who have money. It never occurred to me that we, ordinary people, also have such an opportunity. But when I saw a real, healthy person, talked to him, I realized: I want to have an operation, the issue comes down to money, ”says Maria Yevtushevskaya.

Three hundred thousand rubles – the amount shocked the woman, but by a happy coincidence, the bank in which the family already had a loan offered refinancing with the ability to take the amount from above. A month and a half later, Maria underwent a long-awaited operation and did not believe that all this was happening for real.

“I still consider that meeting fateful, as if sent from above, it completely changed my life. I was not afraid, I was not worried, I understood that this was the way to get rid of the painful weight that I carried on myself. It seemed to me that I was dying, that I didn’t have long, but I understood what a load on the organs was, it was hard for me to breathe and live, ”says Maria.

The woman went to the operation with a weight of 135 kg, in six months Maria lost 36 kg and after 10 years of struggle, she finally saw a two-digit figure on the scales. As the doctor explained to her, the weight goes away within two years – now Maria is only at the very beginning of her journey.

“I stopped craving sweets. I used to love hot pastries, its aroma beckoned, but now I eat half a pie and have already eaten. I have no dietary restrictions, I eat whatever I want, it’s just that the body itself tells me what to eat and when to stop, ”explains the Siberian.