8 hidden signs your man is having an affair

8 hidden signs your man is having an affair

01.09.2022 0 By admin

His drinking habits are changing

Giving up his favorite drink is another clear reason, as alcohol is often the fuel for romance.

“My friend, who has been married for 20 years, knew something was wrong when her white wine-loving husband, who was always pleased with his glass of Tesco Chablis at the end of the day, returned home with an expensive bottle of Chianti. When she asked how they could afford it with their family budget, and when he started to like red wine, he turned to her and told her not to be such a bore. He told her it was time to try something different,” says Amanda.

It turned out that he had been cheating for several months with a girl at a local liquor store.


No matter how trite it may sound, male infidelity is inextricably linked with his underwear.

“One friend was surprised when her partner said he was no longer happy with his £15 Marks & Spencer five-pack of pure cotton. He said he felt like he needed a little more support at 50 and instead bought himself skinny black Calvin Kleins for £25 a pair,” says Amanda.

He avoids your friends and family

If you always thought that a man genuinely loves your friends, but suddenly he finds fault with everything they say, and then refuses to go to a dinner party with you, it’s a reason to think.

When he declares that he cannot stand the sight of your family, therefore he avoids weddings, birthdays and anniversaries – this is also a wake-up call.

Sex is better than ever

An unexpected fad: “Women think that if their partner is having an affair, he will go to bed with them. Not true. For some incomprehensible reason, an unfaithful man is able to have sex with more than one woman at the same time and lie to both.”

In fact, it can boost their libido, making you think that his passion equates to love and fidelity. It’s only when you see scratches on his shoulders and he explains them as a playful fight with a dog that you have to understand that he is lying.

“Of course, it’s not just men who cheat. Women too. However, I aimed this list at women, not only because I experienced it myself, but also because I suspect that we need more help to understand what is happening, ”concludes Amanda.