Get rid of excess: how and why losing weight becomes a harbinger of divorce

Get rid of excess: how and why losing weight becomes a harbinger of divorce

24.08.2022 0 By admin

Sergei Oblozhko explains this by saying that gaining or losing weight directly reflects the problems that arise in a relationship.

“The fact is that marriage, like any system, can either be improved or destroyed. Cultivation is when they both work equally hard for the relationship, unite against problems, and gain experience of overcoming difficulties together. Destruction is when she eats sweets and gains weight as if to spite him, because she lacks love and tenderness, and he, seeing how she gains pounds and sincerely worrying about her, motivates her to lose weight in a truly masculine manner – starts defiantly glancing at other women, ”explains the expert.

In addition, the expert believes that many people lose weight to attract the attention of a partner and try to breathe life into a relationship.

“Often an attempt to lose weight and change for the better suggests that a person does not agree with the current situation and wants change. As a rule, this is a sure sign that “a storm is coming soon.” In my experience, people don’t come to lose weight ready to get a divorce and look great after the divorce. Often, active weight loss is an attempt to save a relationship, give it another chance, bring something new, or bring back something long forgotten. Sometimes this relationship medicine works, but when the relationship is doomed, it only exacerbates the contradictions and speeds up the divorce, ”said the doctor.

According to the expert, any relationship goes through crises – these are inevitable stages. Active weight loss is often a sure sign that a relationship is approaching the abyss and will either collapse or come out renewed and stronger.

Anna Chaikina believes that people lose weight before a divorce because of nervousness.