Mom-tigress and child-emperor: how children are raised in different countries of the world

Mom-tigress and child-emperor: how children are raised in different countries of the world

22.08.2022 0 By admin

Judging by the stories of Russians living in England, local mothers do not worry about hygiene at all. They will easily pick up food that has fallen from the hands of the child, shake it off and return it back, they will not sterilize bottles and nipples, they will allow the baby to crawl on the floor in a shopping center or an airport lounge. It is not customary to wrap up children here, and on the street in cool weather you can often find women dressed quite warmly, but with a child with bare feet in a stroller.

“This approach appeals to me,” Nadezhda shares. – But the approach to nutrition is about the same, and this is already alarming. Most families, it seemed to me, do not pay due attention to this, a child from an early age drinks cola, eats french fries and other fast food.

Another feature that our mothers noted is a different attitude to the use of gadgets in children. A tablet under 10 years old is strictly prohibited – this is not about British parents. Tablets, interactive whiteboards and other modern devices are actively used in kindergartens. But both in institutions and parents do not let this matter take its course, but try to select educational interesting games so that the child spends time on gadgets with benefit.

“This also seems right to me, because the 21st century is in the yard, which is impossible to imagine without gadgets,” says Nadezhda. – By the way, I note that I very rarely witnessed situations when a child threw a tantrum in a public place. Basically, British children are very well behaved, they are calm, like all British people in general. They do not worry about today, about the future, they feel protected – I think this largely explains their style of behavior and upbringing of children.