How to keep makeup in the heat

How to keep makeup in the heat

22.08.2022 0 By admin

Fixing makeup

If you are going to have a solemn event, during which the make-up must remain flawless, use a fixative to fix the make-up in the finale. Fixatives create an invisible film on the face that is resistant to moisture and heat. They are sold in sprays and are usually available from professional brands.

Makeup correction during the day

  • Do not constantly powder the skin when it begins to shine, otherwise, numerous melted layers of powder will soon accumulate on your face. It is better to use matting wipes, and apply powder no more than once every two hours.

  • Another way to keep your skin matte is to use a special “anti-shine” powder (they are also offered by professional brands). Such powders are colorless, even with repeated application they do not create the effect of a densely powdered face and most effectively eliminate the oily sheen of the skin.