How my husband and mistress beat me, and the court made me guilty

How my husband and mistress beat me, and the court made me guilty

29.07.2022 0 By admin

Domestic violence is a concept that has become overgrown with rumors, legends and conspiracy theories. Supporters of the introduction of a separate law on such crimes have already hit all the thresholds, talking about the need to change the criminal code. And they were already cursed a hundred times, almost like agents provocateurs of the West who descended on Russian soil in order to destroy the institution of the family and traditional values, to launch a juvenile system for selecting children from their parents for every slap.

And, indeed, for those who have not encountered the problem of tyranny in the family, it is very difficult to understand what is the essence of what is happening.

You yourself have chosen such husbands / wives, sort it out yourself. And then, there is the criminal code, everything is already written! What other domestic rapists, and how do they differ from ordinary ones?

Actually, they are different. Firstly, the fact that if you met a murderer on the street, then you can always hide at home. Now imagine that he lives with you under the same roof and there is nowhere to hide? Secondly, from the point of view of the law, if a bully hit you on the street, then he is a criminal before the law. And if there is a husband at home, then he is not. Fair? Some people think it’s fair. For, as you know: “beats, it means he loves” and “darlings scold, they only amuse themselves.” And someone, for example, Rita Gracheva, whom her ex-husband took to the forest and chopped off her hands, will say no.