Sign of fate: what moles warn about

Sign of fate: what moles warn about

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Who is forewarned is forearmed. This principle underlies the theory of Chinese physiognomy – Mingxiang. According to this doctrine, our face is divided into points corresponding to certain age periods, and zones that determine character traits, abilities and life preferences. Moles are a warning about the lessons to be learned at certain periods of life. “If we hear, see and understand the clues sent by the Universe, we can avoid many dangers or increase luck and prosperity,” believes physiognomist Zoya Nikitenkova , which will introduce us closer to this theory and give a stellar master class.

What do moles say

In order to understand what information this or that mole carries to us, we will briefly consider the structure of the face, which can be divided into three conditional zones.

  • Upper – ideological (forehead and eyebrows). A living computer that works to receive and process any information. The forehead determines the type of thinking. Eyebrows demonstrate how the process itself goes.

  • Medium – social (nose, cheeks, cheekbones and eyes). Reflects the level of self-determination in society, motivation and ability to achieve ideas generated in the upper zone.

  • The lower one is material (mouth and chin). Characterizes the physiological needs and attitude to the material, consumer aspects of life.

“Palaces” on the face

Until now, physiognomists have not come to a consensus on the number of so-called “Palaces”: experts identify 12 or 13 zones on the face. Svetlana Filatova, bestselling author of Read Faces , offers her own scheme, which we will use with her permission.