Morning exercise complex: so that the body and soul are young!

Morning exercise complex: so that the body and soul are young!

27.07.2022 0 By admin

Choosing a morning exercise complex

Any complex of morning exercises needs to be “diluted” regularly with some new exercises. For example, one day you do exercises for morning exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs, and the next – for the press, and so on. So you can keep your body comprehensively strong and resilient. If you stick to one set of morning exercises, it does not harm your health at all, and is also a beneficial event for the body.

The main thing in the complex of morning exercises is to observe the intensity, amplitude, pace and number of repetitions of exercises. So, each exercise should be done 6-10 times with a break of about half a minute between each of them. You can also repeat 3-6 exercises in a cycle, and start a new one from 4-7.

In order to overcome laziness and still start a complex of morning exercises, without postponing this business for Monday, you need to prepare yourself for this and resolutely approach the exercises every morning.

You can start the complex of morning exercises while still lying in bed. To do this, start stretching in all directions, bend all the joints in different directions, move your fingers and lift your legs up, first one at a time, then both 5 times. Stretch your hands as follows: clench and unclench your fists, connect the fingers of both hands and spring press them. Ready for the morning exercises!