Long and Unhappy: The Worst Royal Marriages

Long and Unhappy: The Worst Royal Marriages

27.07.2022 0 By admin

Princess Anne also divorced her first husband. Unlike the brothers, she managed to avoid unnecessary hype and quietly parted ways with Mark Phillips.

The adventures of Charles, who is highly likely to become the next ruler of Great Britain, were once legendary. He did not hide his affair with the married Camilla Parker Bowles from his wife, Princess Diana, from his influential mother, and from all his relatives, and even more so from the press.

Lady Di endured her husband’s antics for a long time: only in 1992 they were allowed to no longer pretend to be a happy couple. And that was only because the people’s princess gave a number of revealing frank interviews, in which she described in all colors the details of her relationship with her husband. The prince’s family could not stand such humiliation – followed by a high-profile divorce and the tragic death of the princess, in which Charles was indirectly blamed.

Woman.ru recalls other royal unions that began with a fabulous wedding and ended in tears, broken hearts and scandalous divorces.