Mister imperfect: why Russians don't like the legendary Big so much

Mister imperfect: why Russians don't like the legendary Big so much

25.07.2022 0 By admin

“What can we say about Mr. Big? In fact, we know practically nothing about him, because the whole plot is actually built on Carrie’s reasoning. Of course, this is a codependent relationship. If you trace their entire history from beginning to end, then they don’t even have a single smooth date.

Preston does not take into account the emotions of a woman, constantly violates her boundaries. If you answer the question why our Russian women do not like Mr. Big – yes, because he reminds them of their main pain. Because almost every woman has experienced for herself what it is like to be with such an infantile person who himself does not know what he wants, conditionally keeps a woman “on a leash”, torments her.

By and large, he does not need a relationship, even the very fact that he wanted to introduce his beloved to his mother, but did not, suggests that he has obvious problems with his mother and she is too authoritarian. Usually it is these parents who have very infantile sons who do not take responsibility for their lives.

Our women cannot “digest” such relationships. They either serve a man, or they believe that a man should be “Batman”, that is, a person who came, saw, fought for relationships and won – we love such stories, if we take the Slavic code.

We cannot forgive the stupidity of a grown woman. The relationship between Carrie and Mr. Big causes in our compatriots what can be described as “mental pain” – they simply could not love this hero. The film as a whole had a negative impact on women, distorted ideas about ideal relationships, ”said Lorella Galtsova, a relationship expert.