How wedding fashion changed in the USSR: 15 photos of brides

How wedding fashion changed in the USSR: 15 photos of brides

25.07.2022 0 By admin

The choice of wedding dresses for modern brides is not just large, it is huge. Brands offer options for every taste and budget – from a daring mini to a puffy floor-length dress created from meters of tulle and the finest lace. And if “the one” is not in the boutique, you can always contact the atelier so that the craftswomen make their cherished dream come true. Dress like Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton or Hailey Bieber – as they say, any whim for your money. Brides spend hours on Pinterest searching for the perfect match.

Often, girls prefer not to limit themselves to one wedding look and change several dresses during the day: directly for the registry office, a holiday with relatives and dancing until the morning.

Soviet brides could not boast of such a variety. Usually girls sewed dresses on their own according to patterns from magazines – but it was not easy to get such publications. For one copy, black marketeers could ask for up to 300 rubles. But getting a magazine is only half the battle. The most difficult thing is to get fabrics that were in short supply.

We tell how the Soviet wedding fashion changed over time, and what difficulties the girls faced who wanted to get married in a dress in the fashion of those years.