29 tips for those who want to become even more beautiful

29 tips for those who want to become even more beautiful

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4. In the morning, wipe your face with ice cubes from a decoction of plantain – this tones the skin and perfectly heals micro-wounds.

5. Always apply peeling only on cleansed, damp skin, and remove not with tonic, but with warm water.

6. It is best to apply any cream at least 15 minutes after washing. Because a layer of cream on wet skin leads to stagnation of heat and disruption of thermoregulation.

7. All women over 25 years of age benefit from a simple daily “exercises for the face”: for 5 minutes, lightly beat the entire face with your fingertips. It improves blood circulation, strengthens skin tone, and prevents wrinkles.

8. Super face masks for the autumn-winter period: honey and olive oil. It can be in the form of a mixture (in a ratio of 1 to 1), or separately. Hold for 10-15 minutes, wash off honey with warm water without soap, and remove excess oil with a cotton swab.

9. All masks (both homemade and purchased) are more intense if you make a 10-minute steam bath before using them. For skin with dilated capillaries, replace the baths with a warm compress: soak a thick napkin in hot water, wring out and apply to the face.

10. It is good to wipe oily sensitive skin with infusions of sage, chamomile, celandine, succession, flaxseed decoction.

11. You can not fight the oily sheen of the face with products containing alcohol – this will dry out the top layer of the skin, but will not solve the problem of fat.