You and your children. What kind of parents are you?

You and your children. What kind of parents are you?

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VIRGO – high consciousness in everything, parental responsibilities are not easy for the Virgin, she is tormented by problems that do not bother other parents. Virgos persistently bring up discipline and constant habits in children. For their children, first of all, business, then play. Virgo fathers are usually not loving. They lack patience, they are annoyed by children’s fussiness, noise, mobility. Virgo pays great attention to the development of intelligence in children, their success in school.

LIBRA – they respect children, educate them in respect for people, “cooperate” with children. The desire of Libra is harmony in the house. Happy are the children who have such fathers, they can always count on their participation, help, advice. Libra parents have an amazing ability to tactfully and easily educate, convince, and as a result – high parental authority. They rarely have large families.

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SCORPIO – usually has a large family, but has difficulty maintaining human relationships. Powerful owners, they bend their own line, and in raising children they are true to themselves, they are proud of their children. The boundless ambition of Scorpio is passed on to offspring. Mothers often lack gentleness and patience.

Sagittarius – gets along with growing children, mothers love their company. Energetic, and parental responsibilities do not burden them. Sagittarius is hospitable, and his house is full of neighborhood kids.

CAPRICORN – believes in strength, discipline and established order, shows strong domestic and family instincts. Capricorns are practitioners, they cannot stand modern theories and experiments in education, they adhere to simple tried and tested measures. They love family gatherings and honor family traditions, there are no better parents in practical matters. But heart and spiritual mysteries are insoluble for them.

AQUARIUS – Children of Aquarius inherit a wide range of interests from their parents. The latter are trusted by children, they easily convince them of the wrong steps in life. They have complete mutual understanding and friendly relations in the family. Sometimes they don’t give enough time and attention to it.

FISH – idolize children, than spoil them, because they do not know how to educate. By nature, Pisces are capable of self-sacrifice and cannot resist the thousands of demands of their children, they care about the spiritual development of their children. Their motto is: “Give children everything that they themselves were deprived of in childhood.” Pisces try to provide children with an easy and pleasant life.