Fats for weight loss: 7 fatty foods – for those who are not in shape

Fats for weight loss: 7 fatty foods – for those who are not in shape

23.07.2022 0 By admin

It is wrong to consider them one hundred percent harmful – solid fats contain fat-soluble vitamins and vitamin-like substances, but they should be eaten thoughtfully and dosed, remembering that saturated fats provoke an increase in the level of “bad” cholesterol – low-density lipoprotein (LDL). It is he, and not any conditional fat, that causes diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Unsaturated fats , in turn, are divided into fats with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids in the composition. Their chemical structure is more complicated than in saturated ones, but the body does not care about formulas, unsaturated fats are absorbed much more easily. In polyunsaturated fatty acids, there is almost no hydrogen, so they remain liquid under any conditions, but in monounsaturated fatty acids its level is slightly higher, and the fats containing them thicken when cooled (it is easy to notice this effect on the example of olive oil left in the refrigerator).

Saturated fatty acids are found mainly in animal products, meat and milk. However, in plant foods, they can be found in oils: coconut, palm, shea butter.

When choosing a product that contains large amounts of harmful, but still necessary for life, saturated fat, pay attention to its source: farm beef is preferable to ice cream from a fast food chain.