What to do to exhausted parents if the baby does not sleep well: tips

What to do to exhausted parents if the baby does not sleep well: tips

25.06.2022 0 By admin

If the baby does not sleep well, you need to check and review:

Daily regime. Each crumb has its own daily routine: mom just needs to look closely when the baby begins to show obvious signs of drowsiness. This usually happens at about the same time in the afternoon and in the evening. Having calculated this natural time for the baby, parents should regularly put the child to bed at this particular hour. Naturally, if at this time you have already planned trips to the baby pool, massage or developmental activities, you will have to reschedule or cancel everything, because now for the baby sleep is more important than anything else. The main thing is to start calming and lulling the baby every day at the same hour, accustoming the child’s body to the fact that it’s time to go to bed at this time …

Comfortable place to sleep. The baby should be comfortable to sleep. This means that the bed should not be overly soft, the blanket should be light, and the pillow should be completely forgotten for the next 1.5-2 years.

The temperature in the nursery should not exceed 19 ° C, the air humidity should reach 60-70%. In spring and summer, the window in the room can be left open (just tighten it with an insect net!), In autumn and winter, the room where the child sleeps should be ventilated 30-40 minutes before bedtime, and then close the window.