Out of sight, out of mind! Why Men Quickly Forget Their Exes

Out of sight, out of mind! Why Men Quickly Forget Their Exes

25.06.2022 0 By admin

How men behave after a breakup

The results of a study commissioned by one of the dating sites are as follows: every fourth man falls in love with a new woman very quickly. In order to recover, the strong sex is enough … four weeks. Thus, a protective mechanism is activated that protects the affected male pride.

Instead of licking their wounds, remembering what was done wrong and when, men stop thinking about the past and fix their eyes on the future. But not because they want to knock out a wedge with a wedge. Rather, they act out of those considerations that what happened, what happened, there’s nothing to be done. And if so, then you need to accept this event and continue to live.

How do women behave after a breakup?

Male tactics – to look ahead, to the future – has practically nothing to do with the most common female strategy. According to the study mentioned above, almost 40% of women need a little more than a year to “process” a breakup. It is clear that with this approach, in most cases, there is no question of new relationships. Many women see a breakup as a chance to change their lives for the better. And, instead of throwing themselves into a new love like a pool with their heads, they begin to analyze the past in order to understand what happened.

Another significant difference between female behavior and male behavior is that very often a woman looks for the cause of a breakup in herself, and not in a man. Parting is perceived by her as a personal defeat. And the meaning of life for some time becomes the search for one’s own mistakes: “What did I do or say wrong? At what point could everything be fixed?” Because of this immersion in the past, women spend much more time to free themselves from emotional dependence on an ex-partner than men.

Here is what the German relationship expert Sven von Staden advises to those who do not want to step on the same rake twice: it is better to consult a psychologist) and ask yourself the question that led to the breakup. If the answer is not found, it is likely that the same problems will surface in the next relationship.