How to properly store summer accessories

How to properly store summer accessories

25.06.2022 0 By admin

Shawls and pareos are always relevant . Traditionally, they are stored in cabinet shelves or drawers. To organize and neatly organize your collection of shawls and scarves, use the handy organizer by placing your accessories there. You can also use a special hanger, tie the handkerchiefs in a loose knot and they will always be in front of your eyes.

The best place to store swimsuits is in the drawers of a chest of drawers or closet, a lingerie organizer is perfect, or you can choose any other suitable size. For seasonal swimsuit storage, place it in a canvas bag to separate it from other summer items and keep it in great condition.

Let’s not forget the bags. If you like to match a bag to every look, then place them in your wardrobe or closet. And if you have one or two of your favorites, it’s best to keep them in the hallway. Bags can be put on the open shelves of cabinets or pick up a special hanging organizer.

In no case do not fold bags, placing them on a shelf, make sure that they lie freely. When you put away your bag for seasonal storage, remember to use filler to keep your bag from deforming.

Do not fill bags with newspapers, they can stain the lining, it is better to use paper, cloth or a special cloth. Fold fabric bags and place in the organizer, and store wicker beach bags on a shelf, be sure to use a duster and filler