How a maid from Belarus became the owner of a business empire in the USA and almost went crazy

How a maid from Belarus became the owner of a business empire in the USA and almost went crazy

25.06.2022 0 By admin

“Clothes, beautiful shoes, bags will decay, expensive cars will break down, even houses will collapse over time, but art objects will remain. No need to save money, you need to create collections, ”said the wife of one of the richest men in the world.

And Barbara (the sweet name of Basya had already been forgotten by that time) created. Experts already during the life of John Seward Johnson estimated the collection of his wife at one hundred million dollars. Among the authors of the paintings were Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Titian. However, beautiful mansions, even if they collapse over time, Basya was also interested. In the early 80s, the husband gave his wife an estate in New Jersey with a mansion and a plot of one hundred and forty acres for $ 25 million. The acquisition was named after the estate of Leo Tolstoy, but in Polish – Yasna Polyana.

A shelter was created on its territory in case of the Third World War (the husband was very afraid of nuclear wars), there was a house for dogs and a greenhouse for orchids. Later it turns out that Barbara spent more in a year than the Queen of Great Britain, but she herself did not care much.
The main thing is that her husband did not refuse her anything, the elderly billionaire could not get enough of the blooming appearance and meek disposition of his missus. With all this, Basya turned out to be still a strong business executive, she herself supervised all the construction and repairs on the estate, hired her former compatriots as servants, donated a lot to charity. Thus, a Belarusian woman opened a school for children with autism in Gdansk and transferred large sums for Polish and Belarusian students who came to study in the United States.

In recent years, John Seward Johnson’s health has deteriorated greatly, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. At the same time, there were rumors that at the moment when the heir to the Johnson & Johnson empire was already dying, and numerous doctors tried to resuscitate him over and over again, his wife was calmly reading the Sotheby’s catalog in another room. But there are suspicions that these rumors were the intrigues of his children, who were outraged by the will of their father, according to which the entire fortune went to his last and dearly beloved wife.