14 summer beauty ideas. Express Tips

14 summer beauty ideas. Express Tips

25.06.2022 0 By admin

Wear a swimsuit that matches your skin tone

“It is very fashionable and looks sexy,” say the New York designers. – If you take a glimpse, it creates the illusion that the girl … without a swimsuit at all. No man can resist the temptation to look back and see if his eyesight has failed him.” As for outerwear, it is better for ladies with very fair skin to choose outfits in pink tones, and for owners of darker ones, beige or bronze shades are suitable.

Lay a bright towel on the sand

Take an orange-orange or tomato-red bedding with you to the beach, and you will noticeably stand out from other sunbathers. By the way, a bright fabric on the sand will not only attract the attention of others, but also … give your skin a precious golden hue.

Beautifully tie a pareo

Do not wrap yourself with it from head to toe, as if you just got out of the bath. And do not bashfully cover your stomach and legs, constructing a semblance of a supermaxi skirt. You are on the beach! So feel free to tie a pareo on your hips as low as possible. Keep in mind that the legs should remain open or at least exposed with each step.

Walk on the water

Beach sand, light waves caressing your feet, salty sea water will give you a little massage and give you the appearance of a beautiful tan. It has been proven that thanks to this procedure, blood circulation is enhanced, delivering oxygen and nutrients to each cell. As a result, your legs will look more tanned by one or two tones. But only for a while.