Effective diet for 7 days: rules, features, menu

Effective diet for 7 days: rules, features, menu

23.06.2022 0 By admin

Diet for 7 days or how to get rid of extra pounds for the benefit of the body

The 7 Day Diet is ideal for shrinking your stomach and preparing it for the proper nutrition that you should transition to after you quit the diet. The 7-day diet consists of several types of mono-diets, among which there is a water day. And this does not mean that on this day you have to drink only water or broth, you are also allowed to use yogurt, kefir, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit cocktails, compotes, milkshakes, etc. As for dairy products, their fat percentage should be minimal, and yoghurts should not contain sugar.

On the vegetable day of the diet for 7 days, it is allowed to add vegetable oil and eat vegetables both raw and baked and boiled. The fruit day is varied, as the choice of fruit is up to you. The only thing is, try to eat less sweet fruits, such as bananas and grapes. On the protein day of the diet for 7 days, you can eat fish, seafood, boiled chicken without skin, egg whites, low-fat cottage cheese and beans.

If you really liked the diet for 7 days, it can be extended, but only for 2-3 days, adhering to the menu of the 7th day.