Three female names whose owners are unhappy in love

Three female names whose owners are unhappy in love

21.06.2022 0 By admin

The name Vera carries the message of spirituality, first of all, to believe! Religious faith, a large spiritual layer is affected, a girl, a girl and a woman named Vera will always be a very complex nature.

We live in a rough material world, she always has an internal conflict between spirituality and reality. She will be stormy in this regard, it is difficult for her to find her place in life.

She is difficult to relate to people – and the answer is the same. Faith sets standards for everyone that are not very suitable for real life.

Such women either marry late or remain single at all. Unfortunately, they rarely find personal female happiness.

But Vera’s career is easy to build, since she has strong energy and most often, instead of personal, transfers to the public.

Before naming your daughter Vera, I would advise you to think. Indeed, for such a girl there should be a special upbringing so that she has inner comfort and balance.