“The hair on the heads of the children was gray”: the story of Fisher, the last maniac executed in Russia

“The hair on the heads of the children was gray”: the story of Fisher, the last maniac executed in Russia

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And suddenly luck – the boy-witness remembered that the stranger who had taken away his friends introduced himself as Sergey, said that he was a livestock specialist, a production leader. Golovkin was quickly identified, but they did not detain him: the bodies of the last three victims of the maniac had not been found by that time. And if there is no body, there is no work.

During the interrogation, the detectives tried to split the criminal for about eight hours in a row – to no avail. Fischer was about to be released, but then Nikolai Chekmazov, head of the criminal investigation department of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Moscow Region, intervened in the matter. He ordered the suspect to be detained until the morning.

Golovkin was frightened and thought that some evidence had been found against him; at night in the cell, he tried to commit suicide. And the investigation at that time was issued a warrant to search Fisher’s garage. The search in that very basement was forever remembered by the detectives. As one of the operatives said: “From there, Satan himself would have fled in horror.”

The basement was covered in gore: its traces were left on the walls, knives, an ax and on a school uniform. Upon learning that the detectives had found the basement, Golovkin confessed and showed the place where the bodies were buried. This was the end for him.

When investigators unearthed the corpses, the hair on the boys’ heads was gray.

During one of the interrogations, the investigator asked the maniac to explain what exactly he did with his victims. “Bring your son, I’ll show you,” Fisher grinned. He also explained why he did not marry and did not have children: “I was afraid that I would do the same with my own son as with those boys.”

The result of the work of the investigation was 11 episodes of murders of teenagers aged 12 to 16 years, which Golovkin committed from 1986 to 1992. The examination recognized the maniac as sane, which means that he was threatened with the death penalty. At the trial, Fischer remained indifferent to what was happening around him, and in the middle of the trial he even announced that he was demanding the death penalty for himself. Having received capital punishment, Fisher suddenly changed his mind about dying and began to ask for pardon through a lawyer. It was denied to him.

They say that before the execution, the executioners violated the rules and specifically informed Fischer that they were taking him to be shot, so that Golovkin would feel the depth of the fear that all his victims experienced.