American massage: pros and cons

American massage: pros and cons

21.06.2022 0 By admin

American massage: treatment or torture?

The thing is that American massage is a brute force work. Its essence is in a strong effect on the skin and muscles, which often leads to damage and microtrauma.

Initially, the American massage technique was used only for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and consisted in strong rubbing of the tendon zone with the fingers. It would seem that there is nothing special in this technique and similar techniques are used in other types of massage. But any experienced massage therapist will tell you that the American massage technique is so aggressive that it will be difficult for the patient to endure it. Yes, and the likelihood of microtrauma is very high.

American massage against cellulite

Techniques in American massage require great physical strength and endurance from the specialist. Kneadings and push-ups are applied with quite aggressive force. But even this type of massage has its advantages. One of them is that thanks to the technique of deep and very active study of the layers of skin and subcutaneous fat, American massage allows you to get rid of cellulite.

It is this fact that has stimulated an increased interest in American massage in recent years. However, professional doctors, cosmetologists and massage therapists still argue that the use of American massage is too aggressive, and the presence of cellulite on the skin is not a reason to turn to it. It is better to choose another, more gentle and gentle way to get rid of cellulite deposits: wraps, special masks and, finally, traditional anti-cellulite massage.